Funny ‘hack’ lets the new Mercedes S500 drive itself

A funny video appeared today which demonstrated a hack that lets the new Mercedes S500 drive itself.


The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one of the most advanced cars on the planet, featuring all the latest technologies and gadgets you can imagine. It’s so clever, in fact, that it can drive itself, as demonstrated in the video below.


The technology behind it

The technology that makes this work is very clever. The S-Class comes with Automatic Adaptive cruise control, which measures the speed of the car in front. The car then matches the speed of the car in front and keeps following it at that speed. Once the road is clear again, the cruise control speeds up to its set speed.


The S-Class also features an automatic gearbox and Lane Keeping assist. The Lane Keeping assist will automatically steer the car back into its lane. This feature, is key to this ‘hack’ working, because the car can steer itself back into lane.


You might have noticed that there is a soda can taped to the steering wheel. This is because the Lane Keep assist requires the driver to keep at least one hand at the wheel, something the soda can and duct tape are doing for him now.


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