Renaults wear out the quickest, Toyota proves to need least maintenance


Cars from Renault have the highest failure points of the most popular brands in the Netherlands

Renault’s cars are wearing out the quickest and needing more maintenance, while Toyota’s have proven to be cars with the least

amount of maintenance issues, according to an independent research done by the Dutch VWE.


The VWE analyzed the MOT’s of the twenty most popular brands in The Netherlands. The cars that were analyzed were between 4 and 10 years old. The cars got points for every defect or failure of a component that had to be fixed.


The brand that scored worst was Renault, with 10.1 failurepoints. This means that Renaults would be the most expensive cars to maintain in the long term due to a high failure rate. Renault is followed by Seat with 7.5 points, Peugeot with 7.4 points and Fiat with 7.1 points.



There were also brands that have more suprising results. Mercedes scored 6.2. failure points, which is more then Volkswagen (6.0), BMW (5.0) and Audi (4.7). Skoda really suprised us, with a score of just 3.7, making it the lowest scoring EU brand.


What didn’t come as a suprise, was that the 4 most reliable popular brands were all Japanese with Toyota scoring the lowest score at 1.5 points, making it the car who needs the least maintenance.


There were some brands that scored even better then Toyota. Ferrari, Maserati and Aston Martin scored a solid 0.0 points at their MOT inspections.

There are some brands that you really want to stay away from if you want to avoid high maintenance cost. Rover scored 32 failure points, Corvette scored 23 points, Daewoo scored 20 points and Lotus, despite using a Toyota engine, scored 15 points.

Included below is the list of the top 20 most popular brands and their score.

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Failure points
1 Renault 10,1
2 Seat 7,5
3 Peugeot 7,4
4 Fiat 7,1
5 Opel 6,3
6 Mercedes 6,2
7 Citroën 6,0
8 Volkswagen 6,0
9 BMW 5,0
10 Kia 4,9
11 Audi 4,7
12 Ford 4,7
13 Hyundai 4,3
14 Mitsubishi 4,1
15 Volvo 4,0
16 Skoda 3,7
17 Suzuki 3,6
18 Nissan 3,6
19 Mazda 3,4
20 Toyota 1,5
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