About Us

We are a company made of a group of professionals who has been in the cars, trucks and parts sales and export business for more than 20 years, determined to continue to offer low prices and give you some rock solid services. The only way this was possible was to become a 100% online car and trucks e-commerce company.


Exportcar.com has offices in The Netherlands for Europe, in Ecuador for South America and in Ghana for Africa offering e-commerce services to hundreds of car dealers.
Our people are the best in the sector and host servers the most secure on the web with high data speeds.

Low prices and good service

We aim to have the biggest cars, trucks and parts dealer database available and are able to do this because you book your car advertizement direct with us, and because we work with worldwide agents. Passing the cost savings on to our dealers.
Our rates are fully inclusive with NO 'hidden extras' to pay when you advertise your company and its trucks.